About The Library

Southeast University Library is one of the oldest university libraries in China. Its predecessor was Sanjiang Normal School Library, which was built in 1902. In 1923, when the National Southeast University was founded, it was independently built as the Mengfang Library of National Southeast University. This building is known as one of the outstanding works of Chinese library architecture in the early 20th century. For more than one hundred years, the library has successively undergone historical development stages such as the “Library and Instruments Department” of the Nanjing Higher Normal School, the Mengfang Library of National Southeast University, the National Central University Library, and the Nanjing Institute of Technology Library. In 1988, the library was renamed Southeast. University Library. In April 2000, Nanjing College of Medicine and other institutions merged with Southeast University. In March 2007, the library of the Jiulong Lake New Campus was completed. At present, the Southeast University Library has formed a library system with the Li Wenzheng Library of Jiulonghu Campus as the main building, the library of Sipailou Campus, and the library of Dingjiaqiao Campus as its branch libraries. The overall layout is reasonable, the functions are complete, and the library's service functions are A further increase.
      The library has an existing building area of 66,900 square meters. It has a total of 4,914 seats. As of December 31, 2017, the cumulative collection of paper collections was 4,278,300, and there were 3,970 Chinese and foreign languages; 123 Chinese and foreign language database platforms, including electronics. There were 1,892,300 books, 2,301,100 e-journals, 7,382,800 e-dissertations, and 110,600 hours of audio and video. Gradually, it has developed a collection of features that support the school's strong engineering, superior science, fine arts, and specialty medical disciplines. Each school district has a unified open system. The opening time is up to 98 hours a week. The main reading room is open from 8am to 10pm, and there are 2 million readers. The public reading area of the library provides readers with a network connection port and a computer terminal for inquiries. The public area of the General Library can access the network through wireless access. Readers can easily query the collection information and use various professional databases. The library provides network information services 24 hours a day. School teachers and students can freely access various database resources or make reservations and renew books on their own through any client on the campus network.
      The library has nine departments including an office, a planning promotion department, a special collection research department, a circulation reading department, a discipline service department, a resource development department, a technical support department, a library of the Sipailou campus library, and a library of the Dingjiaqiao campus. The existing 123 employees, of which 3 are high professional titles, 15 associate high professional titles, 58 intermediate grade titles, with 7 doctoral degrees, 58 masters, undergraduate (including dual degree) 24 people. With the tenet of “Reader First, Service First”, all librarians strive to provide readers with a civilized, orderly, comfortable and open environment for learning and information use, and provide a powerful literature information service for the “two-class” construction of Southeast University. Protection.
      The Ministry of Education has a “Science and Technology Innovation Workstation of the Ministry of Education” and a “Foreign Teaching Materials Center of the Ministry of Education” at the Southeast University Library. The scientific and technical review workstations provide scientific and technical achievements appraisal, award evaluation, and new technology service for users inside and outside the school. The center focuses on the collection of foreign textbooks for civil engineering and mechanics. As a CALIS (China Higher Education Literature Protection System) member library and JALIS (Jiangsu Provincial Higher Education Literature Guarantee System) member libraries, the Southeast University Library also shoulders the responsibility of inter-library cooperation and construction. JALIS has set up a "Jiangsu Provincial University Engineering Documentation Center" at the Southeast University Library to undertake the construction of engineering and technical literature resources. The Institute of Information Science and Technology of Southeast University, which is located in the museum, is responsible for the master's degree in library science and the training of various types of resources.
      The Southeast University Library is constantly advancing toward the goal of “building an internationally influential, top-ranking, high-level research university library in the country”. (Updated: April 2018)